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There are certain moments in life when we feel fully alive.

Cycling through a forest of baobab trees under the scorching sun.

Being wet and cold and tired whilst walking at nearly 5000 metres altitude with a mule.

Lying snuggled up inside the open tent and looking up at the stars swirling around in the sky.

Playing music with your friends in strange costumes, for the wedding of the lord and lady.

Waking up on a boat in the middle of the river, with a hangover from last night’s party.

Witnessing the birth of a newborn baby, with all the tears and blood and magic, and the pain and the peaceful happiness.

Or just enjoying the sunshine in a meadow, listening to the birds singing.

These are some of the moments when we really know that we are alive.

These moments are not always comfortable, quite often slightly awkward, and sometimes on the border between life and death. But they are shining and sparkling, like the jewels of life.

These are the moments that inspire Marco’s paintings.

Painting is his life. His Life is in his paintings.

There are plenty of bright colours put onto canvas in numerous layers, all held together by a flowing white line.

The characters are sometimes mobile phones, sometimes animals, and most often birds, therefore symbolizing the colourful diversity of the people he meets.

The audience can see extensive voyages, a passion for music and a passion for different cultures and languages.

The viewer can feel the movement of the stories, and hear the music, and smell the fire.